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Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? That's our motto!

Here at WonderMolly.com, we believe in being your own individual person-- to believe in your passions and not be afraid to shout them out into the world.

We love unique products that you simply can't find anywhere else. Our products always stand out in the crowd, from our unique Fashion Handbags to our one of kind Coca-Cola can purse and everything in between. We strive to be different and we are proud of our wide array of product selections. We offer quality items and have the utmost confidence that you too will enjoy wearing our line.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at websales@wondermolly.com and we promise to answer your email within a 24 business hour time period. Our customer support hours are Monday-Friday 10am-3pm Pacific Standard Time.

Need fashion advice? Be sure to read our blog at www.wondermolly.wordpress.com or join in on the fun on Facebook at www.wondermolly.com/WonderMollyPage and on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/WonderMolly!

Thanks for shopping with us at WonderMolly.com!